JRM is a portfolio of companies covering digital media and software development.

We specialise in complex software solutions in industries such as Insurance and Aged Care. Our main companies are Laneways Software and Digital and The Daily Beacon. We are also a major shareholder in Onboard Manager P/L, which is a Payroll and Billing CRM tailored to industries with complex awards structures.

Laneways Software + Digital specialises in building websites and cloud based software from CRM systems. If you can imagine a software solution you need, we can build it for you (www.lanewayss.com.au)

Daily Beacon Logo

The Daily Beacon is a fast growing lifestyle, news & information site for the affluent 45+ crowd. (www.dailybeacon.com.au)

Elder Onboard Logo

Onboard Manager Pty Ltd is an industry specific Payroll and Billing CRM initially servicing the Aged Care Sector. (www.elderonboard.com.au)